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Did you go into business to be a bookkeeper? Probably not….but we did…....

A small to medium size business owner, almost always does a lot of their own administration, marketing, sales, operations and accounts, but is that really what you got into business for? We think not.

In the beginning it does make sense to keep costs down while getting the business off the ground. However, once you have some customers and your business becomes more successful, this work starts eating into your productivity and time. At some point, it makes a lot more sense to outsource it to someone who can do it in much less time and a lot more effectively and efficiently.

Bookkeeping is a great example, especially given the fast-changing environment that technology is driving in this area. Keeping up with these, is the skill of a good bookkeeper.

Generally, a small to medium size business owner may only need a bookkeeper for a few hours a month or a few hours each week and being able to outsource this to someone who knows exactly what they are doing can be a huge benefit.

At Busy Bee Accounts we realise that handing over financial information can be a very personal decision, so here are a few things to reassure you:

  • We can work onsite or remotely, whichever you prefer.

  • Confidentiality – we understand you want to keep your business matters private and we ensure we always maintain confidentiality with client records and information.

  • Security – we take the upmost care in your personal information.

  • Quality control – we have a review process in place where we “spot audit” ourselves or review files to ensure things are being done correctly and avoid any mistakes.

  • No recruitment hassle- we do all of that and if one of our bookkeepers were to leave or take a holiday we find a suitable replacement and deal with any handover at no extra cost to you.

  • Continuity – we have an operation manual for each client, so if your bookkeeper were to leave or take a holiday then we have someone else who can step in and take over with minimum disruption to your business.

As a bookkeeping service, we have gained a lot of experience across several different industries and several different software systems.

We are affordable and cost effective.


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